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“To say that a building is in bad condition is easy. To say that one is safe is hard”



The potential failure of structures is a major concern for any society. Large structures such as buildings, dams, bridges, and other constructions are liable to various intense loading during their lifetime, especially during calamities such as man-made incidents, cyclones, earthquakes, typhoons and many more. Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is the development of a network of sensors and gages throughout a structure to monitor its health. This system of sensors combined with computer software and data collection methods are used to develop the SHM system that can be used in any structure. SHM systems are used to monitor industrial and civil objects. SHM can be compared to the monitoring of person's heart through the use of an ECG record the pulse. If a change in the pulse has occurred then it can be measured using the ECG monitor.

The Sentry System SHM: development of a network of sensors that can show the end users in real-time “pulse” of the structure. If an accident occurs around the structure then you would know almost immediately whether or not the structure is safe.

Digitex is a company specialized in design and development of real time structural health monitoring systems for a variety of industries and applications including: bridges, buildings, dams, mines, campuses, windmills, oil rigs and more. Digitex’s innovative solution for ambient vibration measurements and quick health assessment of structures is jointly developed and validated with our partners and advisors from Universities. When properly configured, the Digitex system is capable of measuring and responding to both natural and man-made events such as: earthquakes, wind, explosions and accidental heavy impacts.



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Digitex team is constantly developing new products and features to help our customers in the process of estimation the health status of their structures.

We believe that building and developing something of a great quality together over time is the most satisfactory thing you can do. We learn from our customers and each other to make the relationships smooth and successful.
Our team understand that every system we design and develop is meant for clients and we put great effort to meet their actual needs.

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