Dam Monitoring Product Solutions


Permanent Installations: For continuous dam monitoring, Digitex offers Real-Time Distributed Digital System (xDAS) or Centralized Multi-Channel System (xCAS) for Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring.
Periodic AVM Measurements: Digitex offers a family of portable data acquisition units (xDAS-Ambient) that can be used for research and/or temporary installations.

SHM Software: Powerful software packages for Real-time data acquisition, processing and alarming (Voyager),  and suite for analysis and reporting (Observer) everyone can use.





Structural health monitoring systems are of vital importance for the life of a dam.
Sensors, direct and remote visual inspection and topographical measuring all help monitor the dam. The ultimate goal is to determine the longevity, safety of the dam and detect potential behaviors that could deteriorate the dam.
Rather than waiting for an earthquake, infrastructure deterioration or other natural or man-induced event to take place, consider the advantages that a Digitex structural health monitoring system can offer! Our systems will track the dam's structural behavior and rate of change over time based on several parameters set during the installation process. Sensors can measure strain, soil stability, displacement, tilt, water pressure, temperature, leakage and several other factors to determine the dam's structural health. Once the information is recorded and analyzed, you can use it to make quick decisions regarding your structure. Digitex dam monitoring systems:

- Broadcast data and analysis both locally and remotely allowing you to view the information anywhere in the world from your laptop

- Can be adapted to existing sensors or monitoring systems in place while streaming data through multiple channels

- Immediately provide you with continuous, real-time information for detecting structural damage and determining the stability of your structure

- Provide instant notification when one of your dam thresholds is exceeded and the system is triggered


Dams Monitoring