Key Features


Quick and clean measurement of the structure without disturbing the normal operation and every day activities
Identification of basic modal shapes, natural frequencies, and damping ratios of the structure
Hidden Damage identification and assessment
Identification of higher and torsional modal shapes, natural frequencies, and damping ratios of the structure
Visualization of the modal shapes and damping ratio derivation
Detailed report with interpretation of the measured results regarding the structure’s health which can help with creating cost effective retrofit schemes
Calibrating/Updating of the Finite Element Model of the structure
Highly professional team that can be deployed to desired site of measurements within days of the request





A large number of structures like buildings, bridges, dams, historical facilities etc. that are located in regions with low to medium seismic hazard risks have been designed without considering the modern building codes for seismic hazard. No less is the number of important structures that are located in seismic active regions and are subject to different intensity earthquakes very often. Also, many important and historical structures are subject to periodic structural health assessment and/or retrofitting so they can be preserved for future generations. Getting an accurate knowledge of the dynamical parameters and the actual structural health of those structures (discovering hidden damages) is very useful for seismic assessment and for the design of risk mitigation strategies.

Ambient Vibration Measurement (AVM) is a safe, non-destructive procedure which will give you a chance to quickly assess the dynamic behavior of the structure. The dynamic parameters of a structure - natural frequencies, modes, damping and vibration intensity - are measured and evaluated. The analysis is based on the measurement of the structure’s-response, which is caused by natural (ambient) sources like wind, traffic, micro-seismic waves and normal operation.

Ambient vibration measurement has several advantages: it is non-destructive; do not require expensive devices for artificial excitation, so the cost of the overall measurement test is fairly reduced and finally AVM tests can be performed during the normal operation of the structure.

Digitex Systems offers Premium service for Ambient Vibration Measurements with highly professional team of experts and equipment. We offer quick and efficient AVM tests on the desired structure in order to assess the modal properties of the structure as well as to control and update, if necessary, the finite element model. By the use of the xDAS Ambient equipment your structure can be measured and structurally assessed in a matter of hours.


Ambient Vibration Measurements (AVM) Services