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  Distributed Digital System - xDAS

          The Digitex monitoring system is based on a highly efficient, multithreaded software design that allows the system to acquire data from a large number of digital IOT units, monitor and condition this data, and distribute it, in real time, over the Internet to multiple remote locations. Read more »


  Centralized Multi-Channel System - xCAS

          High-performance multi-channel real-time data acquisition and structural analysis system with manual and event-driven triggering. System that can be used for a variety of applications, including structural response monitoring and structural element monitoring. Read more »


  Portable System - xDAS Ambient

     Digitex Software offers a flexible solution for field/remote acquisition and structural data analysis. Central acquisition software provides Real-Time acquisition, management and analysis of data from all connected Sentry System units. Our advanced data analysis software provides wide range of powerful signal analysis tools that help the engineers to understand the structures behaviour. Read more »


     Fully portable battery-operated equipment that measures data from vibrations surrounding the structure useing Digitex digital IoT units. Measurement data is automatically transmitted over the local wireless network to your PC, tablet or smartphone. Read more »


  SHM Software

Personal  SHM System - Pulse

     No matter if you own one-story house, multi-story building or a special structure, it needs to be monitored. Digitex have inexpensive SHM solution, based on accelerometers, suitable for any structure. Services such as cloud-based data aggregation, reliable communication, and synchronized sensing are developed by Digitex.

     Now our SHM solution containing one or more Pulse units connected at cloud-based Voyager, data acquisition and processing, software are available for your structure. Read more »

     Digitex Systems offers Premium service for Ambient Vibration Measurements with highly professional team of experts and equipment. We offer quick and efficient AVM tests on the desired structure in order to assess the modal properties of the structureRead more »


  AVM Services