Centralized Structural Health Monitoring System


Key Features


Data Acquisition used as standalone or integrated in the system
Modular, user customizable, system that can accept large number of vibration sensors (accelerometers or geophones), voltage output sensors (Displacement, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Inclination, Air Blast, Corrosion, …) or Wheatstone bridge sensors (strain gauges, pressure cell, ...)
High quality AD conversion with 32-bit, 24-bit or 16-bit resolution
Wireless communication or low cost CAT5 cables for communication
Automated PDF reports





Digitex' xCAS high-performance structural health monitoring system is a multi-channel real-time data acquisition and structural analysis system with manual and event-driven triggering. Centralized Multi-Channel SHM System can be used for a variety of applications, including structural response monitoring and structural element monitoring. Additional environmental sensor specs can be added to complement the basic system. This system can integrate most sensor types to offer a more detailed picture of a structure's health. The xCAS system has a sampling rate of up to 1,000 samples per second bursts and features an extensive set of remote tools for real-time monitoring including: broadcasting data to remote locations, localized recording, local and remote data retrieval and event-driven notifications.

The Voyager® central acquisition software, integrated into xRover, provides Real-Time acquisition, management and analysis of data from all connected sensors. xRover capable for automatic creation of PDF reports for every event. WEB based interface is accessible from any internet enabled computer. Access to xRover is granted to specific group of people with appropriate Login Information. Users can view the stored event records or schedule On-Demand event.

System is designed to work with one or more xRover units connected to the Voyager. Voyager software is running on xPlorer, central data acquisition unit, or installed at cloud.The Digitex xRover can integrate and manage almost all sensor types, and is specially designed to work with Digitex D-Series accelerometers. Advanced analysis can be done using Digitex' powerful data analysis software Observer®.