Key Features


Internet of Things (IoT) units used as standalone or integrated in the system
Modular, easy expandable system in daisy chain or star topology
Wireless communication or low cost CAT5 cables used
No inducted noise in cables, since the digitalization is done at the place of the sensor
Low power consumption, all system can be powered over POE
Automated PDF reports
Easy maintenance or replacement
Up to 256 units using star topology, expandable with parallel networks
Low cost on-site installation
Can accept many different sensor types (accelerometers, displacement, temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, strain gauges, inclination, piezometers, etc.)





The Digitex monitoring system is based on a highly efficient, multithreaded software design that allows the system to acquire data from a large number of xDAS units, monitor and condition this data, and distribute it, in real time, over the Internet to multiple remote locations.

Sensors on the structure continuously send out data to the system. If an event such as an earthquake occurs, pre-assigned thresholds of drift are exceeded in one or multiple locations, thus triggering the recording and analyzing of data (including pre-event memory). Once an event is recorded, the system notifies a list of users (via e-mail or SMS) and is available for download via web interface.

Using the “quick analysis” capability of the Digitex system, various measures of the monitored system’s response can be distributed to multiple locations and displayed in real time. The system can cross correlate data, plotting useful information about the interaction between the dynamic loads on the structure and its modal characteristics. It can be used for a rapid (rough) estimation of the dominant structure mode being observed in the selected time window, as well as an estimator of the corresponding structure damping parameters.

System is designed to work with one or more xWave, xGeoxSensexStrain, xMet or xAlarm units connected to the Voyager. Voyager software is running on xPlorer, central data acquisition unit, or installed at cloud.System can be designed to accept almost all sensor types, and is embedding Digitex D-Series accelerometers. Advanced analysis can be done using Digitex' powerful data analysis software, Observer.


xDAS - Digital Structural Health Monitoring System