Key Features


Real-time measurement data
Up to 24 hour battery life for continuous measurement (external 110-230V accepted)
Quick charging, available also on-site
Simple handling of field instruments, one push button for start/stop
Wireless communication or low cost CAT5 cables used
Option for extending the wireless network coverage
Digital technology without inducted noise in cables
Easy access to data
Automated PDF reports
Easy operation and maintenance
Large number of measurement points
Fast on-site setup
Reliable field equipment that withstands a tough outdoor environment





The Digitex xDAS AVM System is a fully portable battery-operated equipment that measures data from vibrations surrounding the structure. Measurement data is automatically transmitted over the local wireless network to your PC, tablet or smartphone. The Digitex xDAS AVM System also offers an option for extending the wireless network coverage in harsh and noisy environments.

The Digitex xDAS AVM System is designed to work unattended around the clock, without external power sources, for an extended period of time in demanding outdoor environments. In the field, measurements are started and stopped with one push of a button. Place the sensors at the designated measurement points, start the measurement and leave the battery-operated instrument for the duration of the field test. Initial test results are obtained very easy in form of an automated PDF report that can be seen on the laptop or smartphone. A very energy efficient design provides up to 24h of battery operation, which together with the simple handling provides for superior project economy.

System is designed to work with one or more xWave-Ambient units, also combined with xStense or xStrain units, connected to the Voyager. Voyager software is running on portable xPlorer-Ambient, central data acquisition unit, or installed at cloud. System can be designed to accept almost any sensor type, and is embedding Digitex D-Series accelerometers. Advanced analysis can be done using Digitex' powerful data analysis software, Observer.


xDAS - Ambient Vibration Measurement Equipment